Heel on the Shovel: Book One


Will the Elkhart’s marriage survive this rocky transitional period? Where will Adler’s quest for reinvigorated youth take him? Does Muriel turn her body into a canvas and explore new modes of self expression? Can three-year-old Daniel plow through volumes of modern gender theory to come to an understanding of identity and one’s true self?

All these questions and more will be answered in the complete series of Heel on the Shovel: A tale of love, trysts, secrets, death and reanimation! All in blazing hi-def color!

Meet Rocky and Klaudia D’Angello! Meet a sultry substitute teacher! See the greatest questions that have plagued mankind come to a boiling point in the mouth of a graveyard! Stay tuned America for future installments of HEEL ON THE SHOVEL.

Heel on the shovel is the joint custody brainchild of artist Steven Arnold and writer Michael Kamison.