What is this place?

Heel on the Press Comics (better known to the hip and "with it" as H.O.T. Press Comics) is a Philadelphia based comic concern created and run by sewer mutants Steven Arnold and Michael Kamison.

Together they create and self-publish their work that is largely veiled as "ALT". They like that label. Their comics mainly concern self identity, body horror, some laughs about this and that and most importantly their dogs. They also have some weird obsession with dead birds. I don't know, the imagery works, but c'mon guys, there's A LOT of dead birds in your books.

Together they have published five books since 2016 and don't plan on stopping any time soon. Steve (under the moniker S.R. Arnold to mask his identity from Mike) recently published his first solo book "Perry Midlife".

They were nominated for a 2022 EISNER AWARD for their short auto-bio self depercation piece titled "I Wanna Be a Slob" in Birdcage Bottom Books' aging punk anthology "Too Tough to Die".